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Cultivating Kings

Our mission is to establish a nurturing and empowering environment where Black men can gather as leaders to prioritize their mental well-being and personal grooming. We acknowledge the inherent strength and value within each individual, and our mission is to help them recognize and embrace these qualities fully. By promoting self-care and self-acceptance, we aim to provide Black men with the necessary tools and support to nurture their minds and bodies, promoting overall health and empowerment. Through engaging conversations, shared experiences, and a supportive community, we seek to motivate and uplift each other to achieve victory in all areas of our lives.


The Beauty Genie x Kings Crowning

Founded by Ebony Karim and Darrell Spencer respectively, The Beauty Genie™ and King’s Crowning™, are known for innovative haircare and skincare offerings tailored for African Americans. Understanding that self-care is more than products, The Beauty Genie and King’s Crowning will make waves beyond the beauty and grooming industry by empowering young men and women through interactive events and education. This partnership represents a commitment to social change, particularly in fostering a safe space for young men and women to explore and celebrate beauty, grooming, and mental health. "The Beauty Genie is thrilled to embark on this incredible journey with Kings Crowing™! Our excitement extends beyond words as we join hands to celebrate diversity, champion excellence, and redefine grooming with a brand that not only cares for men's hair but also represents empowerment and inclusivity. Together, we're not just making waves in the haircare world; we're creating a legacy that resonates with every unique individual. Here's to a partnership that transcends trends and fosters a community of confidence, style, and cultural pride!" 


To learn more about King’s Crowning, visit:


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